The Banana Convention

The Banana Convention will be co-headlining our show at Goose Island this Saturday (April 7). These guys are the real deal. You may have seen them on one of their national tours, on the Vans Warped Tour, or tearing up their native Saginaw, MI. We are honored that they are taking time out of their busy tour schedule to head down to Chicago and share the stage with us.

If you take a quick listen to the tunes they have available on their website and Reverb Nation page, you will be dazzled by the lead vocal stylings of Shar Molina. She reminds me of the Sublime song “Saw Red” in that she is a perfect combination of Brad Nowell and Gwen Stefani. Combing TBC’s press clippings, she is oft compared to Ms. Stefani. I think this tells half the story as Shar’s voice has a power and bite that Stefani’s lacks. Whoever you want to compare her too, girlfriend can sing and has a powerful stage presence. She may even leap out of your speakers or headphones and kick you in the face.

You will also hear that these guys obviously enjoy playing their music. Their tunes are upbeat and whimsical, my favorite being their ode to Han Solo, and their attitude and energy are infectious. Guitarist Jake Voisine has a great jangly, ska-infused style and writes memorable riffs. Bassist Sean Drysdale lends some funk to the equation and vocalist/percussionist Monte Nothelfer keeps the crowd going with his enigmatic charisma.

I’ve also learned that this show will be one of the last with longtime drummer Chris Howard. I’ll meet Chris for the first time on Saturday but want to wish him luck and success in whatever new adventure he tackles. I hope it involves drums.

We are really excited to see these guys do what they’ve done coast to coast for almost a decade. This one shouldn’t be missed. Music starts at 9pm and $8 gets you a night’s worth of music. See you Saturday.


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